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General rules. ***Please read before posting***
« on: January 13, 2016, 05:45:50 pm »
**Members are required to sign their posts with their real first names. Thank you.**
We find folks tend to be more friendly & civil when using their first names vs hiding behind screen names. Please comply with our *First Name Rule*

Search, read, then ask!

A few search tips:
shok buff ... Will find threads with both "shok" & "buff" anywhere in the thread's title.
"shok buff" ... (with " ") Will only find threads with the words "shok" & "buff" next to each other, and in that order, in the thread's Title.[/b]

Welcome to The Benton Gun Club's Forums!

We’ve found the following guidelines indispensable in keeping the Forum enjoyable, informational, and just a fun place to hang out.

Posting Guidelines

Please be polite. Or if not polite, at least respectful.
No bickering. Regardless of the subject matter.
Antagonistic, offensive, or quarrelsome tones are not acceptable.

This Forum is for Club informational updates, firearm, technique, and conceptual discussions pertaining to training and competition. (And various unrelated topics.)

Thread Titles
When starting a new thread, please use descriptive words in the thread’s Title and Description. For example: Use –
"Failure To Extract" (Title)
"In .40 cal Single Stack" (Description)
Instead of –
"Has anyone seen this?" (Title)

Topic Search
Especially if you're new, please do a search before starting a new thread. (I searched the entire Forum for "shok buff" - it quickly found over 30 matches from various forums.) For detailed search tips, see the "Search Tips & General New Member Info" forum at the top of the forum's home page. Also check the FAQ’s, which are pinned at the top of their respective forums.

Restricted Content

And note that your post, avatar, and anything in your signature represent you, and your relationship with the Forum's Guidelines.

Offensive Material
Please do not post offensive material. If you wouldn't want your 10 year-old to read it, please don't post it. This also applies to links in posts. If what's in a link (text or video) would not be appropriate if it was typed in a post, it is not acceptable. If in doubt about your post's content, please PM a Moderator before posting.

Pictures are not different from posts. If it's even borderline offensive, or could be construed to be offensive, please do not post it or use it as an Avatar.
•   Please do not post images of any sort in your signature.

The general forums are not for any advertising whatsoever.
Please do not advertise products or services for yourself or for others in your posts or your Signature, either with text, links, Avatars or images.
WTB (Want To Buy) Posts are only permitted in the Classified Forum.

Classifieds Forum

In addition, if posting in the Classifieds, your Profile must contain your full name, a valid email address, and the "Location" field must have the (real name of your) city, and state. If you're a regular contributor to the forums, feel free to advertise your personally owned wares or post what you are in need of - in the Classifieds Forum

Please contact a Moderator before posting a raffle. In general, raffles to benefit non-charitable organizations are not acceptable. Charity case raffles will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

If in doubt about your post’s content, please "PM" a moderator before posting.
A huge thank you to the volunteers who moderate, organize, and keep the Forum running smoothly!
Please be nice to the moderators. Remember, they volunteer their time to keep the "information avenue" running right to your door.

Here are a few tips for using these forums.

You are required to put your real name in your Signature field or use it for your username.  If you register a login like "shooter6534", other club members will not know who you are. Please go to "Profile", then "Forum Profile Information", and type your real name into the Signature box and click "Change Profile". Then your name will show up (in small letters) under each post you make.

On the main page, icons and text are bold if that board contains posts that you have not yet read.  You may need to "refresh" your browser to get the correct status.

You can see posts and statitistics about a particular member. Click on the "members" tab, then click on a particular member. At the bottom of their profile, under the "Addition Information" heading, are these buttons:

* Send this member a personal message. (Each member has a "personal inbox" for these private messages)
* Show the last posts of this person.
* Show general statistics for this member.  (This is pretty cool   )
Email notifications: Under the "PROFILE" tab, notice the "Notifications and Email" button. 
There are several ways for you to control how you get email nofications from the boards you are interested in.  Then you also need to go to each board you are interested in (e.g. "For Sale / Trade") and click the "Notify" button so you will get email each time a new topic is posted there.

Avatar: you can upload a picture that will be shown in the margin of every post you make. This really helps to visually identify your posts. Go to the "Profile" tab, click on "Forum Profile Information". 

If you are wondering what the "Newbie" status is all about, it is based on the number of posts you have made. Here's the breakdown:

Newbie   *   0-50 posts
Jr. Member   **   51-100 posts
Full Member   ***   101-250 posts
Sr. Member   ****   251-500 posts
Hero Member   *****   > 500 posts
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